Terms and Conditions

Legal warning
All the Consulting warnings of JL Consulting.to You can be published in our Web site and will be considered given within thirty (30) days after the publication. The Consulting warnings of You to AT Proyect, C.A.deberán to be done by means of the electronic mail, through an official notice to the direction that we provide in our Web site.
It will be considered received by JL Consulting. Five (5) days after the date in which it has been sent.Registered tradenames
All mark, product, service, and names of processes that appear on this Web site are registered tradenames of their respective holders.
The reference or use of a product, service, or process does not imply its recommendation, approval, affiliation, or the sponsorship of that one product, service, or process on the part of JL Consulting.
Nothing of the content will have here to be interpreted like a concession by consent, impediment, or of some other way, it licenses straight or under patent, copyright, trade name or another right of intellectual property of JL Consulting. or for any third party, except like specifically here detail.
Use of the Site
This site can contain publications and information under copyright of other proprietors, whose terms and conditions must be observed and be followed. The Information in this site can contain technical inaccuracies or typesetter errors. The Information on the price of products and the availability of the same, can at any time be changed or be updated without previous warning. JL Consulting. and its branchs reserve the right to reject the benefit of services, to give by culminated commercial relations, and/or to cancel orders; to its whole discretion and without restriction some Consulting, S.A. Proyect, a.c. thinks that the conduct of the client breaks the law or is detrimental to the interests of JL Consulting. and its branchs.
Policy of Privacy
In JL Consulting. we recognize that the privacy of its personal information is very important, therefore do not sell, we rented or we shared the personal information provided with no other business or third part.
Like the majority of the Web sites, we collected and we used the data contained in our archives of registry. These data include their direction IP, its servant of access to Internet, its navigator, the date in which it among others visited and the Consulting pages to us of JL Consulting.to which acceded.
We use “cookies” to store certain information, as its preferences when visiting our Web site.
In JL Consulting. also we offer publicity of third parties.
Some of these advertisers, through Google Adsense either others, can use cookies or other technologies when publicitar here, and thus to receive information like the described one in the previous section.
You can choose to deshabilitar our cookies or those of the third parties from the configuration of his navigator or other applications.
Nevertheless, it could affect its capacity to interact with this one and other Web sites.
Any place where it is prohibited:Although the information on this Web site is accessible at world-wide level, all the products or services mentioned in this
Web site are not available to all the people or in all the geographic locations or jurisdictions at global level. JL Consulting. and its advertisers, each the right is reserved to limit the provision of its products or services any person, geographic area, or the jurisdiction that they thus arrange, as well as to limit the amounts of any product or services that they provide. Any supply of any product or service made on this Web site in anyone of these prohibited conditions, does not have you validate.
Applicable law:
In case of the litigation both parts agree that it will apply the Law of the State where registry of JL Consulting. and both parts will have to be put under the jurisdiction of the courts of this
The Terms and Conditions constitute Consulting a total agreement between you and JL Consulting.with respect to this
Web site. The Terms
and Conditions replace all the communications and proposals previous or contemporary, or electronic, oral or are written between you and JL Consulting. with respect to this Web site.
No modification of the Terms and Conditions will be effective unless she is authorized by JL Consulting. If some disposition of the Terms and Conditions is opposite to the law, then this disposition (it is) will be constructed of the possible form nearest the intentions of the parts, with the other dispositions that are vigor and effect in the heat of.
Our company reserves the rights to change or to
modify these terms
without previous warning.